Nikki's studio mid renovation when it had been stripped back to the stone

My studio was a kitchen

My studio was a kitchen

A stinky damp basement kitchen. 

The cupboards were full of mould and it was pretty dark and depressing.

We always intended on moving it up a floor to a bigger space, as Nick & I love cooking together. We had a great plan to install the new kitchen and then rip the old one, except the old one flooded and I was heavily pregnant with nowhere to cook. Ahhh... The good old days! 

It was a bit of a job

The whole thing had to be stripped back and damp proofed and new floating floor and walls installed. Nick did a lot of it himself and was pretty exhausted afterwards (tbh we were a bit exhausted in general as the whole house was a big project!).

 That's boxes of stuff for Ebay, skirting boards, tile trim, old toys, craft stuff... and it did drive me a bit crazy.

 Me trying out a bit of colour for some product photography but it just wasn't quite right.

...and because it's been a project house, anything that has needed storing along the way has ended up in my lovely studio! So I've recently had a big sort out and inspired by the lovely Claire of Hello Terry's new kitchen colour, I've painted one of the walls this lovely coral (Rhubarb & Custard by Valspar) and created a gallery wall of mine and some of my favourite artists work. I am honestly a little bit in love with it! I'm feeling very happy and inspired in this space now.

In my next post I'm going to talk about some of the work I have up on that wall including that cobalt plant hanger by Libby at Plant & Soul! She makes a fantastic collection of coloured hangers... I'm so thrilled as it looks ace with the coral!

Nikki x

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