Computer desk in my studio

Is this a proper job?

Lots of what I do feels quite selfish as I really enjoy it. How can someone spend all day creating pretty things and enjoying themselves? It's a whimsical pursuit surely?


I'm not sure when I will consider myself to have a "proper job"... I have a vague idea in my mind of being rushed off my feet and really well known. Yes, the "proper job" thing is probably a self deprecating mindset and I need to give myself a good talking to, right?

But actually I love most of that too and it's flexible enough to work around my family. I can pick up the smallest from school and not have to pack the three of them off to be looked after by someone else in the holidays.  Not that that that's wrong... I appreciate every day that i'm lucky enough to have the option, as many parents would love to do the same and just can't.

In reality I'm not just sitting here drawing... in fact I haven't created anything new for weeks because I've been busy building my website, repainting my studio and setting up a gallery wall of lovely artwork because, you know, content and all that.

I've spent hours setting up facebook & instagram shopping and talking to shopify experts about google and analytics. Then there's sales, packaging etc etc... (there's another post in that)

So here I am. Creating stuff for your home. What can you expect to see from a PL design? Mostly bright colours... you won't see much in muted tones. Lots of texture... and I've usually fallen down a rabbit hole of some kind, like playing with overlapping colours and shapes or trying a different print technique. 

Oh and I'm trying to be responsible... but I'll also save that for another post!

Nikki x

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